History of Harvard 7028

History of Harvard 7028The HCSA , moved from Springs airfield in 2000 to AFB ZWARTKOP. During the
move, many pieces of memorabilia were dug up , out of stores. A photo of Harvard 7028 was found by Reg Rivers, showing the a/c in the then, CF, 3 Sqn, based at Baragwanath.

The pilot, leaning against the Harvard, turned out to be Capt. Basil Hersov, a member of the Sqn. Honorary Colonel Hersov was contacted and advised of the plan to re-do “His” Harvard in the 1950, 3 Sqn colours. Col. Hersov, gladly sponsored the project and was the first passenger / pilot to fly with Arrie de Klerk
in this Historical correct Harvard.

Once again, the aim of HCSA, came to fruition, by Preserving our Aviation Heritage. We surely are proud to have this Super looking a/c in our stable.



7028 is finished in a polished aluminum fuselage, with the SAAF “Springbok” Roundel on the wings and fuselage. A yellow and green chequered band behind the roundel and in front of the stabilizer, ( 3 Sqn colours). The wheel –caps also carry the green & yellow.

The anti-glare panel, ahead of the cockpit is in a matt, drab-olive colour. Yellow bands on and below the wing, as well as the tips. The a/c number is black on yellow in a square , below the cockpit. The 1950, 3 Sqn, “Wasp” badge is fixed to the nose panel --- the orange / white and blue flag is on the rudder and added to this is the Official logo of the National Museums Council ( Heritage Foundation) as ALL HCSA Harvards were declared as National Heritage items.

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