History of Harvard 7059 (Nellie)

Harvard 7059 was received from the SAAF, late in 1994, wearing the Normal Dayglo design.  The HCSA Management, decided to , as a token of appreciation towards the SAAF, for the “Gift” of 10 Harvards, to “dress” 7059 in the SAAF  75  celebration colours.


The scheme was designed by member Carel de Jager. A decision was taken to  honour the then CAF, Lt.Gen. James Kriel, by naming the a/c after his wife “Nellie”


Nellie was presented to CAF at the 75th celebration Air show, held at AFB Waterkloof in May 1995. Carel’s design and the appearance of Nellie drew a lot of attention where photographers had a field day during the show. The HCSA made a name for itself, by this action.



The colour scheme was blue /white, with gold striping / edging. The SAAF 75 logo,  a two tone blue triangle, with a golden eagle in the centre, surrounded by a Laurel wreath. The logo was placed on either side of the fuselage, below the cockpit as well as on the belly. 


Above the logo, the full length of the cockpit , the badges of all Squadrons which operated Harvards , were attached.  “NELLIE” is placed on either side, aft of the cowling. The Anti-glare panel ahead of the cockpit is finished in Matt-black. The “Eagle” castle lives on the rear fuselage and over and above the wings. The “New” SA flag decorates the rudder, while the a/c registration (ZU-AOR) is placed below the tailplane.


“Nellie” also partook in the “Last of the Radials”  show at AFB Langebaanweg, flown down by Arrie de Klerk and Gavin Brown.


During SAAF “80”  the 75 logo was replaced with an  80, which was placed on the rudder. Further changes were incorporated  in order to maintain the blue/white design. These colours remain on the a/c, until an historical correct scheme can be verified ( maybe the 50’s  no: 1 City of Pretoria Sqn? )

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